Is Birth Control In Jeopardy Too?

Nora Zelevansky
5 min readNov 8, 2022

One woman’s quest to provide birth control access to all.

In this complicated world, which feels in the midst of general upheaval, we have more than our share of issues to keep us up at night: economy, equality, guns. Sometimes, as a mother, I wonder if there’s even going to be a planet for my kids to inherit. That’s why it’s so important that we, especially as women, vote for our own rights.

Unfortunately, as the country remains split in two, each side operating from a different set of “facts,” even people with the same concerns — personal health, for example — may see completely different roads to success (or failure). It’s a frustrating and scary time.

This Election Day and beyond, one issue that’s at the forefront for many women, on both sides of the aisle, is abortion rights and reproductive freedom. The Supreme Court — once considered the ultimate honorable, trusted, unbiased and protective institution — now appears more interested in politics, religion and their own image than upholding the laws and Constitution. Polling has found that most people in America are in favor of choice and believe that women should have control over their own bodies, especially in cases of rape, incest and danger to pregnant mothers, even if they wouldn’t choose abortion themselves. Yet our rights were repealed. What we, the people, actually believe doesn’t seem to matter anymore. It’s ironic to use “freedom” as a platform while taking ours away.

What’s next on the docket in terms of rolling back rights? Many say birth control (something to which certain Justices have alluded). We’ve long heard stories of local pharmacists refusing women birth control, Morning-After pills and more despite these medications being completely legal. Now, there’s a chance that birth control will become even less accessible, especially in certain states, which seems particularly dire when there’s now limited access to abortion too. Are we to have any control over our own futures?

Instead of sitting back in despair in this challenging time, Dr. Sophia Yen decided to do something about it. She co-founded Pandia Health, the only doctor-led, women-founded and led, birth control delivery company (to all 50 states!). I sat down with this impressive human — also the company’s CEO — to learn about why…

Nora Zelevansky

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